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"During my parent's 60-year marriage, my father handled all their financial affairs.  When he passed away, my mother was confronted with drawers full of miscellaneous papers and records.  In her grief, she was overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated by her inability to retrieve important documents.  Diane sat down with my mother and, in the course of an afternoon, reduced the volume of paper by two-thirds.  The simple filing system she set up is one that my mother (and I) can easily maintain.  The clutter and confusion are gone, and Mom now feels she can find anything important that she needs to handle her affairs.  Diane's sensitive and thoughtful assistance in organizing my mother's papers was invaluable in helping us through a time of transition after the loss of my father." - Rennie Reinbolt, Concord, California


"Diane facilitated a family meeting with my 82-year old mother, my stepfather, and me, their executor.  My mother is living with colon cancer and my stepfather is in the early stages of dementia.  Diane's calm, confidence, and professionalism enabled my mother to open up and share more in two hours than she had over the prior two years.  Diane was able to encourage them to draw up a new will that would be more equitable than the one they had, and to help my mother find an attorney with whom she was comfortable.  I am greatly relieved that the new arrangements make my job as executor much easier, particularly because six other siblings are involved." - Kathleen Bors-Koefoed, Houston, Texas


"Diane Judd smoothly paved the way for me when I assumed my position as General Director of San Francisco Opera.  She is an organizational genius, and she provided me with a graceful transition from my previous job and life in Houston to my new position and home in San Francisco." - David Gockley, General Director, San Francisco Opera


"Diane has a special talent to be both very precise and thorough without seeming intrusive or pushy.  She created a wonderfully detailed inventory of my mother's art and furniture collection and everyone enjoyed the process." - Douglas Lawrence, Obedience Training for Computers, Greenbrae, California


"Diane Judd is incredibly attentive to detail.  In assessing my needs for an organized workspace, she noticed that I was left-handed and very responsive to color.  Within a few hours, she rearranged several functions of my desk and credenza to enhance productivity and implemented a new color-coded filing system.  Creating order in my office gave me more time for my music." - Donald Runnicles,  (Former) Music Director and Principal Conductor, San Francisco Opera


"Diane Judd is an engaging and entertaining speaker who clearly explained the professional organizing industry and demonstrated practical techniques for our group.  Many of us were unaware of the numerous resources available, and were eager to implement the tips she shared." - Janalee Holmes, Program Director, Women's Club of Marin, Novato, California


"In 2006, Diane completed our intensive two-day workshop on Estate Organization and Assisting Estate Administrators.  In addition to the pre-planning aspect of estate organization and services of assisting estate administrators or conservators, she learned:  how to assist executors or successor trustees or conservators; practical issues at a time of death; fiduciary duties; recordkeeping; probate timelines; estate tax returns; and, management of physical property and assets from cleaning out homes to choosing the best method of disposition of the contents.  During the summer of 2007, Diane was a valuable member of a team that worked for nine weeks on clearing the large home of a deceased Nobel laureate.  Her attention to detail, hard work, and spirit of team camaraderie contributed to the success of accomplishing a huge project for a bank trust officer two weeks earlier than originally projected." - Jeanne K. Smith, Founder, Exit Stage Right>>>® LLC, Palo Alto, California