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Be Organized

We all have a home office for the business of life whether it is a spot on the kitchen counter, the corner of the dining room table, or a separate room with a desk and equipment.  Many of us maintain a reasonable level of organization and just need a “tune-up” now and then, while others live in secret fear that an inability to stay on top of things will come to a crisis.  Some of us struggle with chronic disorganization all our lives, and others encounter situational disorganization due to illness, death in the family, caregiving, divorce, marriage, birth of a child, move to a new house, job change or job loss.

You can experience a sense of freedom and clarity to enjoy life when your papers and your living space are organized and clutter free.  Let Diane Judd help you eliminate what you aren’t using or don’t need, minimize clutter, and set up systems to facilitate easy retrieval of important papers and vital documents.  Diane Judd works with clients in Sonoma County who want a better quality of life, but feel overwhelmed or don’t know where to start.  She can help.  


Listen to Diane Judd's radio interview in conjunction with January as "Get Organized Month" sponsored by the National Association of Professional Organizers:

Getting Vital Documents in Order - The Elder Care Show - 30 Minutes (January 21, 2011)